News Articles About Dutch Sex Buddy Advice

As a single person reading these articles I wonder if anyone here can offer advice on how I would go about finding a “sex buddy”. With all the clubs, bars and coffee shops closed I was thinking of maybe just posting on gumtree.

What are the single people here doing during this time?

Staying away from everyone else. Prayer. Baking.

The wording of the gumtree post will be interesting

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Baking is fun but dangerous as I am the only one around to eat it

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There are some interestingly vague and yet very specific posts on gumtree. Nothing that PG enough that I think I can get away with posting here

Surely Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, Badoo, Coffee Meets Bagel, etc are all still working, if one needs a hookup. Gumtree wouldn’t have been the first thing that comes to mind.


“For sale chest of drawers. £50. Also sex buddy wanted”


never been a fan of tinder… too many weirdo’s

On the other hand, while trying to Google the German Coronavirus sex advice posters (I couldn’t find them again; from memory they basically amounted to “Stick to doggy”) I found this article instead:

The bit which caught my eye was:

But sexual contact is an almost guaranteed method of catching the virus

Maybe just lie on your hand for a few minutes beforehand instead?

This thread is so getting locked :joy:


I think it’s been kept pretty clean all things considered

update: No sex buddies exist in the UK

Sadly then I can’t use my keyboard :smiley: or hold my phone :smiley:

Amused by this combo of threads on my homepage! :rofl: :rofl:



It’s pretty good advice, and advice I would hope this Government and all the ‘dating’ apps would promote eventually too. :man_shrugging: Whether people follow the rules/advice…

“Proximity and physical contact are not a luxury, they are basic needs,” Duits wrote. “If we have learned anything from the Aids epidemic, it is that not having sex is not an option.”

The UK is in a very different place to the Netherlands or Germany - I really don’t think this should be a massive concern for us right now.

It’s not even been two months!

who flagged this… it’s hilarious :smiley: and true


I know right :rofl: I woke up and laughed my head off that it offended someone enough to flag it.


Careful there, if you don’t talk about it as a taboo, it doesn’t happen.


Day 60 of staying in on my own. Where can I get one of these ? :wink: :shushing_face:. I’m on the over 65s list for Sainsbury’s, wonder if they’ve got them in stock?


Given the clear subject, I’m baffled that anyone offended enough to find the context worth flagging would’ve even clicked through. Do they not realise that if they’re not interested in the topic, they can just… move on? :astonished:


There’s always a few bitter people around or snowflakes, not like the comment is sexual in nature as such.

That’s the problem with a large proportion of this country they just can’t face any kind of chat about sex related activities. It’s a purely natural thing but nah let’s brush it under the carpet instead, these kinds people probably still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa too :rofl: