Joint permission to withdraw from joint pots

So after hearing on Facebook and the likes recently about, but not limited to, coronavirus scams, more notably the ones that involve transferring money to a “safe” account. I wonder if people would find it useful to have the other joint account holder authorise pot withdrawals (on a new, specific pot type, not all).

This idea came about after I spoke to my wife this afternoon who said “obviously I would transfer it wouldn’t I? Our money would be at risk”.

Which left me slightly worried to say the least. Obviously I educated her as to why she shouldn’t :see_no_evil:

This scenario is a little better than the last time it was raised I must say :sweat_smile:

It’s not for me but I guess it has its use cases, especially if lots of money is involved. But then again, I’d assume you’d talk to each other before touching your joint savings whatever the reason.

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With Joint Accounts, trust is the cornerstone.

As @Ordog pointed out - large amount of money = a discussion prior to the processing of that large amount. For minor day-today ‘normal’ spending, it’s business-as-usual.

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