I’ve just got a Monzo account and put some money into it. I’ve noticed at the top of the app page it gives you the account balance, the has “24 days left”. What does that mean? Does the money only stay in the account for a certain amount of time?

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It’s basically budgeting and estimating how long it expects that money to last until you spend it all. Tap on it to see more detail.

Your money won’t vanish - unless you spend it of course!

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Hey @Newbie and welcome!

No time limit on money in your account fortunately! That’s just part of the budgeting features that show you how much disposable money you have until your next pay day or budget period.

You can switch it off in settings, I think. Some folk don’t like it.

Edit: what @redshift said!

Oh right. That makes sense. Thanks for the information both.

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