Different Amounts

I don’t quite understand why my app is telling me 2 different amounts of money. On the top it says one amount and below it says I have less money to spend in 24 days. However, I have nothing pending to come in or come out so don’t quite understand why money is being taken out of my account and trying to talk to somebody from Monzo has been a pain. So does anybody have any ideas on what this could be?

It’s just a guess.

You can hide Left To Spend from Labs.

You can search Help for Labs.

You can search Help for Contact Us.

If you don’t know or understand how something works, search the help articles in app.

Here is one that explains how summary works:

And there’s a whole series of them depending on how much you want to dig into them

Nothing. None of it explains why money is coming out of my account when nothing is pending and the money that is missing, I haven’t actually spent that amount on anything

It’s a prediction based on how you’ve spent your money in previous months and your budgets etc. It’s not telling you that money is coming out, or that you’ve lost it or anything. It’s just a prediction.

Focus on your main balance or turn off the prediction if you don’t see value in it or are still confused by its use.

You didn’t say money was coming out of your account. You said that the left to spend was different from the balance. I explained that it’s a guess. And I explained how to contact Monzo about it.

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