Hi there I recently started my monzo account I deposited a bit of money and it says after so many days I’ll have x amount left. Do you get charged for using monzo. Please help

No you don’t get charged. It just shows you how much you’ve got left til the end of the period and gives you an idea of how much you have left over x amount of days at the current spend rate. At the end of the period the time left resets but the amount stays the same unless you spend or add money to it.

For example I deposit 100 quid on the 1st of every month, the time period will reset on the 1st of the next month. It helps with budgeting


Welcome to the community. Unfortunately we don’t have access to your account as we are mostly customers just like yourself. However you could call Monzo on the phone number on the back of your card which is 0800 8021 281 and they will be able to look into your account and let you know what has caused this unfortunate incident.

P. S. Monzo does not charge any monthly usage fees for the account.

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From the help section in the app

So nothing to worry about, it’s just part of Monzo’s budgeting tools

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Just looks like confusion about the UI.

You are fine @Ernesto.


Thankyou everyone


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