Does my Monzo balance roll over?

I have topped up my monzo account for the first time to use the money abroad on holiday that will happen in 2 months.

After debiting the account, I noticed it says I have X amount of days left of the amount until the end of the current month. Will this money be removed from the account come the end of the month or will it contiously stay there?

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Its a bank current account.


Hi, it’s a regular bank account,

The left to spend bar can be a bit off in general though.

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Thank you!

My left to spend is regularly in the red even though I’m in credit, don’t worry about it really.

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Hi @Slizza786 & welcome :wave:

The left-to-spend figure is part of Monzo’d budgeting tools which use historical account data to predict what you’ll have left to spend from now until the end of the reporting period. As you’ve only topped it up once so far (and probably haven’t spent anything yet), the calculation has nothing to go off and will be highly inaccurate at this point.

But rest assured, if you don’t spend your money, it doesn’t disappear from your account.