New Update (1.4)! 🍏

We’ve just released a new update to the App Store that I think everyone here will enjoy :smiley:


Amazing :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks @tristan!

I just downloaded the update and opened :mondo:, and was surprised to see that I had to enter my email and wait for the magic link before using the app again. Should this happen?

Edit: The :e-mail: was super slow :walking: reaching my inbox too!

Edit 2: It was well worth the wait! :sunglasses:

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No email required here - iPhone 5s iOS 9.3.1

@charlie, sorry about the login bug – I’ve passed it on to our iOS team and they’re taking a look :slight_smile:

Thanks, @tristan! If it’s any help, I added the widget to the Notification Centre before opening the app for the first time. Not sure if this was the reason, but thought it might be worth mentioning.

No email required for me.

+1 for notification centre and the little warning you give

Have you tweaked the running balance graph as well - looks a lot better to me.

Sorry guys but this 1.4 update is a complete disaster for me on my iPhone 6s Plus.

Upgrading the original app and installing from fresh multiple times just results in an immediate crash upon app launch.

UPDATE: Reboot and re-install restored the app for me. Not the greatest experience.

Strange - I’m on a 6s and it was fine

Very strange given the other 10 or so updates I applied around the Mondo one were all fine. :neutral_face:

I just noticed this issue on 1.4 #225

So excited when I had seen that is a new update haha, I love it ! I haven’t seen any bugs yet :ok_hand:t3:

If you are referring to +£1, it might be because you had refunds and the net amount to be positive.

Working like a charm on the iPhone 6s and so far no bugs either

No not that. I was referring to the misaligned "You Spending section"
I just realised I can slide it but even so it feels weird :slight_smile:

I may be going blind but I can’t see how I add this to the notification center - nevermind, figured it out!.

While I’m here… when topping up the card via Apple Pay the alert I get from Apple Pay shows no details…it just says ’ / £10 '- Even on my bank statement it shows as ‘APL */’ - any idea why this is like this?



I got the same misaligned spending issue on an iPhone 6 on the latest iOS 9.3.1

The alignment of that bit is not a bug, it’s a feature! :sunglasses:

Nah, really, we clip contents so you get to see that you can swipe from month to month. In the future we may adjust the opacity a bit, add a colour gradient or paging dots on the bottom but the principle would be the same.

Paying homage to an old friend…


That also happened to me the first time I opened, but I also added it as a widget before doing so.
Must be because we added it as a widget and not because of the update?