Can’t see a thread for this, so thought I would start.

Logged in today to sort money out, and found a new base screen waiting for me!

Few feedback points of this.

  1. App is running super sluggish, I assume because people are hammering the pay early feature, but I’ve never seen it this bad
  2. I can’t change the pots in the “Available Balance” bit at the top - it doesn’t scroll to let me select others
  3. The way I use this app is I open it and click on my picture at the top to see a holistic view of each pot. I now have to go into my current account, and then do it. This is a genuinely worse CX than I had before.

What is the plan for this? It feels like you’re just trying to put flex in my face more to use, rather than actually solving for a user issue/improving the customer journey.

Is this real? This is awful


It’s real. I am not enjoying it.

Well it’s the one tab that hadn’t be refreshed or updated as the others received a fresh coat of paint.

This UI looks as if it complies with the UI constructs of the rest of the app more so than the current home tab does, so I’d assume it’s real.

Way to take a step back in time to when cluttered and confusing was cool rather than the nice, clean and easy to read screens of today


I don’t think it does a good job of bringing order to complexity from looking at it, but I’ll reserve judgement until I get to try it.

I do think it’s a substantial improvement over the current approach of hiding the clutter behind gestures and wasted space though.

I think this is something I could get used to and like. It reminds me of Revolut, and I thought it was an interesting idea, and I think this is the sort of approach that would be needed to allow room for future financial products.

I really hope this is a test that fails!


I agree in part. If there was a valid customer journey here (even if I’m not the target for it) I can see an end result that gives a holistic view with minimal effort. And happy for it to evolve into something - but the current bit I have feels very unfinished

And the fact no one else seems to have it makes me question if I even should? Or if I’m just missing something.

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Huh… I didn’t hear anything about a UI Haul


I imagine it’s quite an early beta since this seems to be the first any of use are seeing it! I suspect it’ll become more polished before more people start getting it.

Also possible you have it and you’re not supposed to!

WT* is that? Is that the home screen?

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It’s now disappeared.

So I’m assuming this wasn’t something I was meant to have.

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How odd :sweat_smile: not seen this before.

@AlanDoe :eyes:


Hey folks, sorry about this! This was a test build with some extremely early work that shouldn’t have been available to anyone except some staff members. We’ve fixed it now :+1:


Thank you! It was nice to be temporarily staff :slight_smile:

Happy to feedback / test when it gets to that stage!

Can we lock this thread?


All done :relaxed:

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