Monzo Chat Notification

Why do I get a push notification when I go on Monzo chat

It just doesn’t make much sense to me - if I am going on chat I know what it is and there isn’t anything particularly helpful in the push notification like average response time etc.

Yeah I noticed that, it’s a bit weird.

At the least exclude the ‘welcome’ push notification but what would be better is if it could tell that you were looking at the chat screen and not send any at all.

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I agree!

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I’ve actually found the Notifications helpful this morning, as I’ve also been busy working whilst chatting to CS this morning, so I can tell they’ve responded to me if I’ve not checked my phone in say 10 mins or something.

Feedback on the Monzo Icon that gets put against the Notification, I feel it should be changed to the Monzo Colours as it doesn’t really stand out, (not like the Revolut one did for me when i had an Account with them).

I will add a screenshot of what I mean from my phone in a minute or two.

I think you’ve misunderstood - we’re not saying there shouldn’t be any notifications.

What you’ve described is exactly the correct usage of them - however receiving them while you’re active within the chat isn’t necessary.

I’m not sure they would be able to do this granular enough, as a Notification is a Notification, as you are still active within the Chat, even though you might not respond for 5-10 minutes (which is why you check your notifications to see whether you’ve had a response, (I understand why are you saying this though), as it’s annoying seeing a notification if you’re actively talking to the CS Agent at the time.

This was really to do with the Colour of the M Icon that shows up in the Notifications as Black, rather than the normal Monzo colours, I think it would look better…

If you don’t respond for 5-10 minutes you’re not active in chat and it is more than likely your phone will have locked itself too or the screen will have gone to sleep.

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I’m not against the notifications

Just the first one you get when you click on the chat

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