New Monzo cards both different

Me and my fiancé opened up accounts and both ordered cards but both are different (colour, contactless symbol location and the chip)

Any idea why. Mine looks like it’s been through washing machine where his is bright and vibrant

Monzo uses multiple card suppliers that both have their own manufacturing processes.

Looks like the contactless symbol and colour varies slightly by supplier.

Monzo has cards made by different companies. There have been lots of complaints about the washed out version.

The old thread was closed but it looks like Monzo have supposed to have sorted this out with IDEMIA but they are still going through old stock.

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Thank you both for fast replies. I’m having an issue adding my fiancé as a (Monzo) contact size he has the symbol and I can’t start the join account without doing this I believe. I’m stuck in a chat with an agent from yesterday who doesn’t seem to have closed it so no luck there

Look at the top right of the rear of the card, above the mag stripe - the manufacturer and batch/date is shown there. Are they different?

(I have a Lagoon Blue Personal account card and a Hot Coral Joint account card - both made by TAG SYSTEMS)

Tag one is washed out and badly made.

Idemia one is the one that looks great

I wouldn’t have noticed but opened his and thought wow nice card opened mine straight after and thought ugh what happened here

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What do you mean here that he has the “symbol”?

You don’t normally need to add someone as a Monzo contact (indeed, I don’t think you can) - you just need to have each other in your phones’ contacts and have both turned on Payments with Friends in settings.

It was a payment with friends issue but sorted it now thanks


From the provided image, one card has the contactless logo and the other one doesn’t. No change at all in operation but visually strange!

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I ordered a new one, not shown but the numbers in the right of my card were worn off badly. So strange as his was perfect and one truly looked like it had been through a washing machine a few times

Seems a bit of a waste just due to a bit of paint coming off. They’re embossed.

Think of the planet next time as cards aren’t recycled :earth_africa: :heart: :recycle:


Money laundering. :grimacing:

Even legacy bank RBS doesn’t emboss their cards anymore. Embossing is anachronistic.

I agree and don’t like embossing. My only embossed card at current is AMEX all my chinese cards and starling which was my primary account before Monzo just have it printed on.

Still wasn’t really a need to order a new card when the card itself was fine…

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Your right I’ll preform self-flagellation at once, I’m truly sorry for this sir.


If you’re not happy with the quality of the card Monzo always advise that you order a new one.

Some people have concerns about plastic waste so to keep them happy just make sure you recycle your old card. Use it as an ice scraper on your car or something :snowflake:


I’d reorder too if my card wasn’t the on-brand Monzo colour. Other banks seem to be able to sort out their card suppliers and get a consistent stock. Imagine if Amex started sending both gold and dandelion-yellow cards to their Gold cardholders…

But I also recycle my cards as NFC tags for iOS Shortcuts

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The card was 100% on brand it’s unmistakably a Monzo card but they’re not going to look brand new forever and for something with only a 3 year validity period it seems such a waste to discard it over a slight shade difference and a bit of paint over a number.

It’s not like it was a pink or purple card it was clearly hot coral.

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Woah that sounds great! Any guides that I could try?

If you have an iPhone XS or later, in Shortcuts you can tap Automation, then Create Personal Automation, then NFC is near the bottom