Anyone having problems with contacting Monzo via app?

Is anyone else experiencing a problem getting hold of Monzo? I sent an app message around 18 hrs ago and had no response.

Hey there. Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:
Without meaning to be nosey, what is the query about? If it isn’t absolutely urgent and doesn’t require a Specialist rep, there should be someone picking it up pretty quickly. It’s the complicated issues that require specialists that seem to be taking a longer period of time recently.
Sorry about that!

(I don’t speak for Monzo. Just a happy, helpful community person.)

Hey it’s ok your not being nosey, it’s not very urgent it’s just I signed up for Monzo plus and for some reason it didn’t give the option of the card colour I wanted when it came to choose the card. I was hoping someone could sort it, Normally when I’ve chatted it’s been very quick and asked if it’s urgent or not. But for some reason that’s not happening. I worry if I do have a big problem what there response time would be.

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From personal experience, for urgent queries someone has always picked it up very quickly. I’ve seen others on the community say they’ve had a response within 10 minutes for urgent queries, so I hope that is some consolation! :slight_smile:

Did it not give you a choice of card colour when you were originally going through the Monzo Plus sign-up flow? It should have given you the choice of three (Hot Coral, Lagoon Blue and… the third one). When you’ve chosen for the first time, you can’t change again manually (have to go through chat, I think). Someone should be getting to you soon enough, I imagine!

There’s been quite a few issues with chat times lately unfortunately. Just hold in there and it’ll get picked up :confused:

I think that you need to freeze and order a new card - at which point you’ll have the option to choose your new card colour. But if you want, wait until COps get back to you.

@JustJordds Last I checked, you can only order the same colour card you picked during the sign-up flow. You can’t change the colour during the reorder card flow. :frowning:

I didn’t think that the intial flow of “picking a card” actually did anything seeing as they don’t send a card just because you had signed up.

From when I’ve just checked, card colour is the first part of the Plus Flow - but I thought you could change the card in the re-order process seeing as I’ve seen posts that suggests they can choose between getting an investor and a plus card.

That’s true, you can pick between Default, Investor and Plus card, but you can’t change the colour. :frowning: I’m hoping this is something they add in the future.

Thanks guys they finally got back to me and have sent me out the card colour I wanted,
When I was signing up I selected it but then when it came to ordering it in the app as per the notification it wasn’t showing for some reason.