"New Members" Group on this forum

Hey, sorry to start a new topic on a small thing - I couldn’t find a recent enough relevant thread to add to. And couldn’t find any relevant info in the About/FAQ.

I am in a New Members group so my title on the forum reads New Member. I just wondered, I assume placement in this group is automatic… When do you leave it? I’ve been a member for over a year and a half, and used the forum a fair bit. So just wondered what the threshold is.

Its something to do with time spent reading the forum

What other options do you have in the settings? Can you change it yourself to another group?

(Profile and then preferences and account. There’s a drop down menu)


As @Rat_au_van said, check your community forum settings - specifically the ‘Title’ options. Here’s mine for reference;

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Thanks both! Went to the desktop version on my phone and found the setting there (it doesn’t seem to show up on the mobile site and hadn’t thought to check the desktop version… You wouldn’t think I work in customer support in a tech industry :persevere:)


The menus are a pain to figure out on mobile but for future reference you need this screen


That’s even worse! I was right on that screen and just hadn’t scrolled down!! :upside_down_face: