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I know we all hate multiple threads on the same topic, especially when it splits votes, but I think sometimes we are in such a rush to point out that a suggestion has been made before, or that another thread is a more relevant place to post, that we don’t take time to consider how it makes the OP feel, especially if it is their first post.

I’m not pointing any fingers, because I’ve definitely been guilty of it myself more than once, and I’m not saying that we shouldn’t point out duplicate threads, but perhaps we could all double check our tone and welcome them to the community first.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something like this before, did you even SEARCH? Sheesshh… :wink:

FYI - I agree and I too am also guilty of this at times, a good reminder to keep the community friendly, I endorse this message.

Sometimes new members bring it on themselves. When you create a topic it suggests all the other possible topics that might cover the same subject, so this has to be wilfully ignored to create a new topic that essentially asks the same questions/makes the same suggestions. It’s maddening.

(NB. on desktop this is, not sure how this happens on mobile or via the app but assume same functionality)


I’ve never used the forum on a desktop, and did not know about this functionality. It certainly doesn’t suggest anything when I post from my mobile.

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Probably. However I agree that the tone of the “reminder” should be friendly. R-

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Very well said. It does happen a lot more than people would like and I think people seem to forget that not everyone is a Monzo / banking / fintech enthusiast. Suggesting people to search for forum as it’s been said before is all well and good but we could probably have answered the question instead of pushing them away.


I can say i was perhaps guilty with this today on the new category creation topic which probably triggered this thread.

Perhaps i was dryer than usual with my reply and apologies wasnt intentional.

One thing to note is the other thread was active with a new comment <1hr before the new thread was created :eyes:

A similar approach (where ‘new’ posts turn up in established topics) was mentioned here;


Fair point.

But I’m usually guilty of this when I see no one has replied and it’s been a few hours and I’m not in the mood to type a whole structured response.

But I’ll definitely try more now, so thanks for your post.

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How did i do?

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