Community Digest 15/09/17

(Naji Esiri) #1

How else could we kick off this week’s community digest without highlighting one of the most wide reaching discussions we’ve ever had on the forum. Following our announcement about ATM fees on Wednesday, we opened the decision up for community input with a poll for possible options. There is still plenty of time to chew it over and place your own vote - the thread closes next Wednesday. thanks for all your input so far :heart:

The other big announcement of the week led to some great discussion about the next generation of Apple products.

The t-shirt community thread closed less than an hour ago.

We posted the 3rd instalment of community hosted web series Monzo Insider :raised_hands:

Ever woken up with an itch to start something really special? Us too :blush: It just happened to be a bank :scream: Find out a little more about how we made it happen with the help of Natalka Talkowska and Deputy CEO and Co Founder Paul Rippon!

Calling all Android users! We’ve got an absolute smorgasboard of treats lined up for you in early October :slightly_smiling_face: The first of these is the next Open Office event dedicated to all things Android! More details and tickets here.

(Bob) #2

So I corrected the date in the title… :rofl:

(Johnny Ellwood) #3

Woo! Android updates :tada:
Happy to hear that Android is being pushed as much as iOS now. Can’t make the meetup as it’s a bit too far of a trek from Newcastle to the London office but look forward to seeing things on the forum regarding this.

(Colin Robinson) #4

How about Newcastle to Leeds? They’re having one there on Tuesday!

(Frank) #5

From the Android Open Office ticket page:

Having doubled in size in a matter of months, the fleshed out Android team…

got me imagining Monzo devs like


So any Open Evening end of September?

(Naji Esiri) #7

@anon44204028 no, we pushed it back by a week so October is double whammy!


OK. I just happened to have a meeting with Monzo’s IT security guys that day so wondered about hanging around for an Open Evening. Never mind, catch you at a later one.