New IFTTT Triggers/Queries/Actions

Does anyone know if Monzo are still actively developing their IFTTT Triggers, Queries and Actions? With the introduction of virtual cards there is the potential for some really powerful IFTTT applets. For example:

  1. Add a CardName property added to “Any card purchase” so I can tell which Virtual Card a payment has been made with.
  2. Add a transaction to a specific Shared Tab.

Example 1. My wife is an assistant. Her boss gives her money up front for any out of pocket personal expenses (e.g. has to buy her boss a coffee of lunch etc). She could create a Pot for Expenses and create a Virtual Card linked to the Expenses pot. When a purchase is made using that specific Virtual Card, log the transaction to a spreadsheet. When the balance hits zero, email the spreadsheet and then archive it so start a fresh one. When her boss transfers her money, move it directly to the pot.

Example 2: I could also create an account for shared expenses, and when I pay for something using a specific card I could have it automatically added to a shared tab.

There are a load of new features that are missing from IFTTT that could make the platform amazing if added.

What would you like to see?

There haven’t been any signs of them doing anything for a long time.

There’s already a topic on all this with people’s suggestions and feedback from Monzo.

Edit: @AlanDoe it’s still private for some reason. Can you take a look please :pray:

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