Connected accounts and API/IFTTT

Would be good to get connected accounts in api and or IFTTT. I’m thinking of being able to trigger saving to a pot when you spend on your credit card.

Already is!

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I didn’t think IFTTT linked to external accounts like credit cards?

I’m not seeing anything in the API docs, are you sure we’re talking about the same thing ? By connected accounts I’m talking about say my Barclaycard

Neither did I :slight_smile:

I think you can connect to Barclaycard in Monzo (Open Banking/TrueLayer) but don’t think that has got any hook into IFTTT.

You’ll need to speak to your credit card provider as Monzo is already setup for this at their end.

Why are you linking to this comment here? I don’t think that’s what the OP is asking about?

The OP has now edited his post to give an example. To be honest I thought the same thing when I first read it.

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I’m not sure the likes of Barclaycard would like that, implementing something so people pay in full, they’d rather get to charge some interest

Re true later, I’m actually using Plaid to do some coding relating to my personal budget, but it’s not ideal. One of the big issues being regulation(open banking wasn’t really built with the DIYer in mind)

So you’re asking Monzo to pull your purchase history on your connected credit card through Truelayer and then expand their IFTTT connections so you can create a trigger to pay the balance?

Pretty much. I’ve got no issues if it’s the API of IFTTT although I think the latter would see more use

Ahh ok, I understand now - sorry for all the questions :sweat_smile:

Monzo have already said that they won’t allow you to send money to other accounts through IFTTT for security reasons. Also, probably because they want you to keep your money in your Monzo account too :wink:

They have said that they’d love to expand on the truelayer integration further but I imagine that this will be a long way off because banks are dragging their feet with implementation :-1:

The payment could easily be by direct debit (most banks allow you to pay statement balance that way). Would be nice to know the moneys there and I know it’s not really mine to spend