How to get monzo bank app on my Mate 40 pro

No google play store on my mate40pro, Can anyone help download monzo app securely to my phone? Thanks a lot

My old phone is p30pro,

It’s not supported so good luck, I’m sure you’ll find workarounds on the internet but even if they do work most the functionality won’t be there.

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You can export it from your old phone using an app like this,

But you’ll have to remember to do it regularly, but the app relies on Google services for notifications , so I believe you won’t get any notifications from the app.

Basically there are fudges but they could stop working at any point or have any number of problems.

You probably should decide if you trust sources like apkmirror to sideload it from.

Or move to Starling, who are in the appgallery. :grinning:

Any chance to put monzo app in AppGallery? That’s the official channel to download apps on my phone,I have to be very careful with the source, which I only trust in HUAWEI AppGallery or Monzo website

Basically… No

It’s been requested a few times and to everyone’s knowledge it’s not on a roadmap anywhere. Thank Trump for you not been able to have it :rofl: have to see what Biden does when he’s in office.

If you buy a HMS phone and won’t sideload you’re going to be quite limited in your app choices.

I have a P40 Pro+, and gave in and installed GMS on it, it’s not perfect but at least I can use Google apps.

I absolutely would not side load a banking app, the security risks are too great in my opinion.

Why anyone would get a Huawei is also beyond me. Soooo many popular apps are not supported, nevermind Monzo :exploding_head:

Just from a quick Google I found all these:

  1. Zoom - No
  2. Houseparty - No
  3. Disney+ - No
  4. Microsoft Teams - No but Microsoft Office, Swiftkey, Bing and Microsoft News are available so it’s probably only a matter of time.
  5. TikTok - Yes
  6. WhatsApp - No
  7. Skype - Yes, in the form of Skype Lite.
  8. Messenger - No
  9. BBC News - No
  10. Instagram - No
  11. Netflix - No
  12. Microsoft Outlook - No but see Microsoft note above
  13. Tesco Grocery - No
  14. Uber Eats - No (and no Uber)
  15. Audible - No
  16. Asda - No
  17. Twitter - No
  18. Snapchat - Yes
  19. Sky News - No
  20. NHS - No
  21. Prime Video - No but as the main Amazon Shopping app is present, we’d expect this at some point.
  22. Discord - No
  23. Just Eat - Yes
  24. Facebook - No
  25. Morrisons - No
  26. Spotify - No
  27. BBC iPlayer - No
  28. Twitch - No
  29. Deliveroo - Yes
  30. Duolingo - No
  31. eBay - No
  32. Amazon Shopping - Yes

I’d advise anyone considering one to do some research prior to upgrading or buying one.


Your best and safest option is to probably get a different phone.


To be fair the 4 main apps I use are on the yes list :rofl: I’m sure I’d miss some others.

I reckon they’ll get Google services back in 2021

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I would imagine any of those apps that come from American companies won’t come to the app gallery any time soon.

monzo is US company too? I thought it’s a UK company

Monzo are a UK company but they have an office in the US and offer US accounts.

Alright,are there any monzo employees in this community? I would suggest them to put the apk on their website,so that we can download freely

There are only a handful that drop in now and then so it’s unlikely they will comment on this. As mentioned earlier they have no intention of supporting this (I believe they’ve said similar too) so in addition to this I would say your chances of getting it added to their website are slim to none.

They’d have to be careful hosting files like this themselves too.

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As above its not happening, time to move on and either get a phone that has full Google services or your friend finds a different bank.

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how to install GMS on P40pro?