Why cannot I download monzo app on my Huawei p40pro

Because you don’t have access to the Play Store.


Because Huawei phones are not allowed to use the Google Play store. If it’s a brand new phone you should have been advised of this when purchasing.


Honestly if you can, go and get a different phone. I don’t see this issue being resolved any time soon.


You can attempt to side load it from elsewhere but I seriously wouldn’t one bit. As an alternative Starling are on that app store.

As others have suggested, return the phone for one with Google Play Services/App Store, I’d much rather do that than change to a different bank…

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The only place the Monzo app is officially available on Android is the Google Play Store.

Due to sanctions, Huawei devices do not ship with the Google Play Store anymore.

If you’re in the market for an Android phone with a good performance to cost ratio I’d recommend Xiaomi. I’m currently using a Mi 10t Lite 5G because my Pixel broke, and it’s a steal at £200 with 5G support and a 120Hz refresh rate display.


If you update all your apps on a different Android phone, you can then use Huawei Phone Clone to move the Monzo app and your other apps over to your P40 Pro.

Probably worth noting that Monzo is by far not the only bank not to allow you to download the app from stores other than the Play Store - although if you banked with some other banks such as Lloyds Bank and Halifax, you could do at least 80% of your banking in your mobile browser.

Just return that phone and get an S21 from Samsung, the camera is just as good, if not better! It also has access to the Play Store

it could cause security issue, right?

I have tried Samsung before,it’s easy to get slower after few month use while I like the long battery life and the super charge technology from Huawei so much, cannot go back anymore

I’ve successfully got the monzo bank app on my p40pro by phone clone,however,now I cannot login with my new phone Number,can help?

You need to contact Monzo and have them update your phone number.

I agree with everyone else too. Owning an Huawei while the ban is still in place doesn’t seem like a good move.

I recently posted a list of other unsupported apps in the below topic to show you’re going to have no end of issues.

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Even if you can login, Monzo is heavily reliant on google services, so I wish you the best of luck with that! I’ve never had an issue with any Samsung phone I’ve had


It was either faulty or you needed to run built in device care app which will have told you what was using the battery and CPU etc. You can then clean it up and tweak the settings of those apps to optimise it all again.

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OP may have to CASS out to starling if they’re hell bent on keeping the Huawei phone, that would be my recommendation as that is on the App Store on that phone

Yes part of the reasoning if you find a bad site hosting the file that’s somehow been tweaked. You also won’t get all the notifications coming through correctly as they rely on Google services which the phone can’t access.

If you can live without the notifications then that’s fair enough

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