New feature coming 👀

Also hasn’t this already been launched [Edit: Launching this week actually]

Maybe @kieranmch could tell us :eyes:

I may be reading too much into their choice of words here, but he specifically refers to it as a product, so I’m not sure it’ll be something as mundane as a new app feature like cheque imaging or dark mode. Neither of which I would consider to be technically complex things to develop. Perhaps it’ll be some other kind of banking product, say a credit card.


I feel a credit card is far too large to have not got any hints.

I’m surprised the Android tear down hasn’t unearthed it yet


Kinda why I’m thinking it’s a rethought out plus. :eyes: haha


What if it was the ability to put compatible Open Banking accounts into the Monzo app and control them from there - as in, link a HSBC current account* and a Natwest credit card* and a Nationwide Mortgage* - then pay your monthly Natwest credit card bill from your Monzo account but pay your Nationwide mortgage from your HSBC current account - all from the one app?

With a full 360 degree view of all of your accounts* from one place.

*Examples - actual Open Banking compatible accounts required


I suspect we’ll all end up disappointed. :man_shrugging:


Will be that the graph is coming back


Could be. He is on the Open Banking team, so would make sense to be fair. Who knows. :sweat_smile:

I hope it’s a puppy :dog:


I’m already disappointed :rofl: saves having to be outraged when it finally comes out as something meh


I bet it’s Apple Pay


I highly doubt I’m right as it’s not open banking related but I’d love for it to be Virtual Cards/Disposable Cards!

I genuinely have no idea :man_shrugging:t2:

Is it see your credit score ?

That should have been available end of April so not getting excited until this new feature is actually revealed - Seems a bit annoying that a Bank would drop hints like this when it has not yet released the last feature it announced

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It’s a feature that you can pay for premium support and priority in the ‘specialist’ queue

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@monzobot fortune


:crystal_ball: My sources say no


Monzobot says you’re wrong. :frowning_face:

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Hmmmm the wait the suspense kills me

The virus has halted a lot of the big launches that monzo wanted like monzo plus two new offerings and maybe delayed aswell is see your credit score in the monzo app without paying extra or going elsewhere for it

When is the day we will know ?