New Community Lead

Just taking a little look at the careers pages and saw there was an opportunity for a:

Is this an additional lead or is someone leaving? :frowning:

I think that it’s an additional lead. The Monzo team will be able to confirm, hopefully!


I’d love to work for monzo above any other company but i live in Cornwall. Not willing to relocate, family is more important.
Something remote would be ideal.

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It’s quite surprising that a forward-thinking company like Monzo wouldn’t be looking forwards remote working. :man_shrugging:t3:


You should apply if:

  • You share our vision for building community into the heart of a company with 10+ million customers
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I love this community, this community is life, Monzo is life, working is life, give me life at Monzo coz community life at Monzo is life, give me laptop, give me phone, give me £50k and I make community better life and big heart.


you got my vote Danny :slight_smile:


I think any job they list has the option to be remote some of the time.

Some roles are more capable than others though.

This is how Monzo started. Some London, some remote working. Monzo then got funding to set up an office in Cardiff so decided to consolidate customer support to Cardiff as well as London and then Las Vegas. There may be a few remote workers left but most new jobs are now offices in those cities.