Monzo expanding in the US

Interesting to see that monzo is hiring in the US now:

Including a Head of Engineering who will report to the CEO (also in the US) ‘with a dotted line to the Monzo global CTO’, whatever that means.

Are we seeing the centre of gravity of Monzo shift to where the money is in the US? Good to see Monzo focussed on growth again, but I’m a little concerned that the UK operation will be forgotten, there has been a huge exodus of staff in the last year and the culture has certainly changed a lot from a user perspective.


Have you seen how many jobs they have advertised in the UK?


Thanks for bringing back some sanity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:

Just because they’re recruiting in a different country doesn’t mean the UK will get forgotten.

The US is a different beast and always was going to need it’s own teams if they want to ramp it up.

The UK teams will still be here focusing on…cough, cough, app parity :thinking: and whatever else pops along.


The company I work for has significant US interests

It has to be run pretty much independently though, legally, so interaction wise pretty much just shares a name and sends back its profits

The US CEO has said “dotted line” to the UK and overall CEO

Imagine it is much the same in the regulated banking space


Yes I’m probably reading too much into that above. Glad to see they are expanding on both sides of the pond again, though a little sad to see just how many are leaving, it would be nice to see more progress on the app again like the recent payments changes.

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