New Card (unwanted and inconvenient)

Monzo has sent me a new card, with the announcement that, ‘We think your card could be exposed to fraud, so we’re sending you a new one to be safe…’ and closing, ‘… we can’t explain why…’
Given that the new card has a different 16-digit number I’m now faced with the inconvenience of changing the card details at every online dealership where I buy regularly, I think I’m entitled to a fuller explanation than the fob-off I’m offered so far. I’m not naive, and realise that much may be going on in the security department, but I deserve better.


Would you have preferred to have your money taken?

You are not going to get better, Monzo for many many reasons will not give you more details.



Hard to believe this is the same bank as this:


Not really. Read the first sentence in that link and the difference is obvious.

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Scroll further down, where they tell you the messaging that was sent to affected customer. Far clearer transparent, and detailed than the we can’t tell you why cop out.

I’ll save you the hard work of scrolling and clicking the link.


We can’t explain more, generally means something like, we predict your card may have been skimmed at your recent Tesco cash withdrawal.

The impact to Tesco off that statement could cause uproar, so it remains generic.

The above is an example, but along those lines, it causes less aggro, while agreeable some confusion.


I don’t disagree - but also - I think we haven’t seen a screenshot or anything of the message that was sent to OP - so I think it’s fair to reserve judgement on whether it’s more or less transparent.

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No of course not - merely a one-sentence offering some clarity.

Have you got a screenshot of the whole message? :eyes:

I’m convinced this thread is a troll tbh.


If you believe that, why engage?

Just ignore. Nothing good comes from being confrontational.

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No bank tells you this to be fair. Mainly to stop you or someone flying off into a store to have a go at staff (I am not saying you would do this) and to prevent exposing fraud mechanisms that other customers could replicate.

Irritating perhaps but far less than having a tonne of transactions you didn’t want.


So I get notifications when they complain about the police arresting a burglar before their house is robbed.


Yes but am having trouble linking it to this thread

This is not because we’re being difficult, but because we aren’t allowed to.

There are several different ways that we might be notified of a batch of compromised cards. Most commonly by MasterCard and we’re not allowed to disclose why they’re compromised.

In some cases we don’t even know why they’ve been compromised ourselves, we simply know the PANs of the potentially compromised cards.


@Dan5 If that’s the case then could you not just say

“We can’t explain why, this is because most of the time we don’t actually know ourselves. We work with our partners like Mastercard who help us keep your card details safe.

If you have any questions reach out in the chat?”

That’s how you be transparent. Without making it out like your hiding a world class trade secret.


Yes, the wording can be better. Even if you can’t really say, you can be less robotic and a bit more human and compassionate about it.

I can only, once again, refer back to how they handled the ticket master incident. That’s a masterclass in customer service comms.

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But we haven’t seen what they’ve said this time? It could be exactly the same as above.

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There are definitely places where we can raise our game in our in app comms.

I’ll definitely suggest this :smiling_face:


Appreciate that @Dan5. A bit of feedback is all this needs to become a better customer experience. :grin: