New card experience


I love the new card … getting an update on the watch for each transaction is magical.

However a few suggestions for the out of the envelope experience:

  1. I really hoped that I could use the camera to activate the card! Having to type the nine digits felt … old school. I know, it’s a minor thing but it would have added a wow to the first interaction.

  2. Under the card itself is the text DON’T POST ANY OF YOUR CARD NUMBER ONLINE which I can’t quite understand. Do you mean “…any part of…” or “…any of your card numbers…”?

  3. I’m not sure what the benefit of restricting the app until the first transaction is. It left me wondering if I would get a notification on the first transaction. I think putting the opening balance there would be better, if possible, and making sure that the first transaction shows up instantly would make the best first impression.

(Rika Raybould) #2

That was almost certainly added after the following thread. A few new users got a bit excited and posted pictures of their cards including full or badly obscured card numbers (!) on Twitter. It looks like the new design better holds the card, covering all relevant numbers but still showing the Mondo logo and hot coral colour of the card for those who do want to share a picture without the possibility having money taken.

Otherwise, some very good points there. Welcome to the community!

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

Thanks a lot @bassclef You’ve made very good points.

  1. Totally right. The thing with camera/card detection is that, even for power users, is always a bit tricky to get right. We use for the top up screens and I’ve seen tons of users failing to use it properly, so much that I would argue it takes less time to type. I give you that taking the picture definitely feels like a magic moment though.

  2. How would you explain that? What we’re trying to say is “share pictures of the card on Twitter but please cover every number”.

  3. That’s about to change very :soon: . There was a good reason to lock the app until the first transaction but that’s not the case anymore :slight_smile: