The enthusiasm of getting a hot Coral Card

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Im still a bit surprised to see people posting pictures of their Cards on the Monzo twitter website while on holiday , out drinking , etc etc showing most of their card numbers - hopefully everybody is aware that the first 8 numbers on the long number across the card are the same on every card , so covering these first 8 numbers up is pointless - also surprised that the people vetting the tweets at Monzo aren’t picking this up and posting the guilty tweet


On another site I had to take down photos where someone wanted to show off a new bankcard and posted photos of front and back of card including the 3 digit CCV code! (Homer Simpson Doh! came to mind)

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this would be great - with text from Monzo like “We used your card number from your posted photo for a round of drinks, thanks from Monzo staff” - wonder how quick the complaint would take ? lol

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James / Tristan from Monzo have said that they keep an eye out for these posts too. But a warning in the welcome pack too might help.

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I know, James caught me as a guilty exuberant party :flushed:

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We warn people in the welcome letter and have just made it even clearer :stuck_out_tongue:

Warning against publishing card details on social media
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Picture of the Welcome letter sufficed for me!

Far better solution, plus, the stationary is great, that swish dark envelope :ok_hand::incoming_envelope: