Colour of the Card + App Badge + Form for Bug Reports

New poster here!

Just a couple bits of feedback from my use of Monzo:

  1. Absolutely love the concept and think that the app is great, however (as much as I see the thinking behind it) something about me is always slightly embarrassed about handing a neon-pink card over to a cashier :sweat_smile:. Maybe in the future we could get something that stands our super well, but was a bit more appealing to a mass market. Check out Revolut, I have one of their cards and I absolutely love it! So many people comment on it :heart_eyes:

  2. This is a super small point but nevertheless really irks fussily people like me :joy:. I LOVE getting a notification immediately after I pay using card - it’s fantastic. However, what I don’t like is having a number pop up on the app icon telling me that I have made a purchase. Some small OCD monster inside comes running out and screams at me to get rid of that little number, and it’s kind of annoying to have to clear it every time I make a purchase. If possible, an idea could be to have a setting whereby people can choose whether the number is displayed or not. Like I said, I love getting the push notification, but I hate that little ‘1’! :no_good_man:t2:

  3. This community forum is great, but how about setting up a form :memo: from within the app whereby we can report feedback and bugs, rather than (as well as?) the forum where I feel that they’re at risk of not getting seen and/or lost track of.

Love Monzo, keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community!

There’s been a lot of discussion about the colour of the card (some like it, some don’t) here -

if you’re an iOS user, you can set the app to not display the number of unread notifications in Settings > Notifications > Monzo > Badge App Icon

You can report bugs through the support chat tool that’s built into the app, as well as in the community…maybe a form would make that process easier but I like the fact that you’ll currently get a human response straight away, when you submit it there.

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No. Keep the Coral colour. It is so distinctive so why pick another colour that may look like Revolut or some other firm