Card name - Online Shopping

(James Bentley) #1

Hey guys,

First post here (be nice :blush:).

Absolutely loving using Monzo and still rocking the Mondo BETA card (retro :sunglasses:) - keep up the great work!

Quick question: when buying stuff online, and adding your Monzo card as a new payment method, you’re often asked for a ‘name on card’. What do you guys put, or suggest putting? I normally put the 9 digit number on the front?


(Alex Sherwood) #2

Don’t worry, everyone in this community’s nice :innocent:

I’d recommend using the name that you gave Monzo when you signed up for the card, in case the merchant has any issues accepting the payment & needs your name for their reference.

Although -

(James Bentley) #3

Ok thanks Alex. Makes sense.

Wonder if there are any plans to add users’ names to cards? Would be a nice touch of personalisation…

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Yes, once Monzo is a bank, users will have cards with their names, account numbers & sort codes.

(James Bentley) #5

Cheers. Thought as much.

And what about customised card designs? Would be cool to issue the Alpha and Beta users with a unique design :clap:

(Alex Sherwood) #6

That’s a discussion for this topic :slight_smile: