Clarks not Cadburys

(Dave Berry) #1

I used my card in Clarks outlet this morning. Spend appeared quickly, and location was correct, but logo was for Cadbury’s Outlet!

Hit ‘Something Wrong’ to report it, but wasn’t really sure what to do next! I could enter the location manually, or look up the retailer in a list, but neither was really what I was trying to do…

For the crowd sourcing merchant details thing, a small box to describe what’s wrong would be dead helpful…

[or perhaps I missed an option or some obvious thing].

(Tristan Thomas) #2

The next version of the app has an incorrect logo button too! :slight_smile:

(Alan) #3


I hate to moan but my only criticism of M---- is how long it is taking to add the correct logo from the moment I send a Twitter link to enable your systems to pick it up.

Realise that it’s probably not high on the priority list to do this but it’s frustrating just the same to see such a long delay.


(Christopher J. Sladdin) #4

Have to agree here - I submitted around ten modifications to names, addresses, logos, etc over the past two weeks and none of them have been processed yet.

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Yep, sorry about that :frowning: We’re running a bit behind. Just checking on when we’ll catch up!

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #6

@tristan, any update here? I note that a week later (so nearly a month post suggestions update being submitted) things still haven’t been processed.

(Tristan Thomas) #7

Yep, sorry :frowning: @Ede has been rebuilding the tools we use and there’ve been a few issues doing it at the same time as we move to new infrastructure. But I’m reliably informed this will be fixed today so we can power through them. Sorry about this, I know it’s very annoying!


I’d love to be able to add in my own logo/icon/pic for a Merchant, especially where it doesn’t have one.

(Alex Sherwood) #9

:mondo:onzo crowdsources their merchant info so rather than everyone adding the merchant’s details for themselves, :mondo: does the update & all user’s benefit :slight_smile: