Account opening - delay in processing

Hi guys,

I had a Monzo account previously, however I closed it earlier this year due to having multiple accounts and was the least used.

Since then, Monzo Plus has become available and I applied for a new account yesterday but the opening process seems to be taking some time (I have yet another 24 hours before the 48 hour window is up).

Could this be delayed due to previously closing an account?

I did read somewhere I’d need to email to get assistance on this, but would it be worth just waiting until tomorrow has passed to contact Monzo to look into it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Carl

Welcome to the community!

Every time this has come up in the community the advice has been that you would need to contact them on if you need to reopen a previous account

Personal view is that matters would be improved if they could automate more through the application process, but we are where we are

It would be interesting to see if things have changed in this regard, unknown to us, but I would not wait too much beyond the stated timeframe to contact them

Thanks Southsea, appreciate the haste response.

As soon as I receive an update I will be sure to update the post!

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Did you use a different email/phone number this time?

I would email them now, it’ll likely be days before they reply.

I just dropped them an email. Yes I’ve moved, changed number and also email address since my old account (haven’t helped myself there :sweat_smile:)

I will updated soon

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Following up from this i did find the link which advises to email with ID and mugshots so I’m just awaiting a response from the team now.

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I managed to get this all sorted and my old account reopened which is great.

Thanks for the help.


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