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Hi, I’ve just opened an account and am considering switching from Halifax. Before I do that however, I have a couple of questions.

How long does the switch take? At what point do I stop using the old account? I have about 40 regular payments, in and out, and I’m a little nervous about things going wrong.

I’ve been doing some reading about Monzo on various review sites, and there are a few people saying that their account has been frozen for no apparent reason and that they’ve struggled to get resolution from Monzo. I probably have about 12k of transactions a month, and could not tolerate my account being frozen for even a day (much as I dislike Halifax, they’ve never done that). Can anyone shed some light on this?

I want to set up a joint account with my wife. Should I switch first and then set the account up, or switch to the new joint account? My Halifax account is just in my name.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey you can find information about switching here;


you can read about how people got on here;

No can answer this for sure how Banks do their fraud checks but Monzo have so many users on this forum and none of the regular users has faced this for no reason.

You and your wife will have to open individual accounts to get a joint account - At the moment Monzo are not offering joint accounts from the start or conversion of an individual account into a joint.


I can give you my experience since I’ve switched and become full monzo - I couldn’t be happier.

The process is dead simple. Just follow the steps in the app and once done it takes about 2 weeks to fully move over all your payees, direct debits, salary and remaining balance. It tells you the date it will be complete by before you commit to the switch and you can even pick a different date if that doesn’t work for you.

You don’t have to do anything once you’ve given them the instruction. Everything is done through the governments Current Account Switch Service so should anything go wrong you’re covered by their guarantee.

In regards to account freezing. Yes a couple of those pop up on here from time to time but rightly so, Monzo can’t and will not comment on them so we don’t know the reasoning behind it. Monzo have over a million customers now so I would say that as long as you’re not doing anything dodgy you will be fine :slight_smile: The reason you don’t hear of bank accounts being frozen from the likes of Halifax is because they don’t have a public facing forum like Monzo do here so you never hear about them. Guaranteed it happens there too though :wink:

Lastly… You need a current account in each of your names before you can open a joint one as they’re connected so you will need to do this first.

Hope this helps!


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