Netflix/Amazon Prime 4K HDR Streaming

Hi all,

Looking for an up to date list/recommendations of films available in 4K and HDR on Netflix and Amazon - also any hints/tips on how to tell which films are on an LG tv running webos would be greatly appreciated!


4K content should be marked as UHD and 4k HDR content should me marked as HDR on Netflix. You need a premium subscription for Netflix 4k

So I’ve got the premium subscription but I’m only seeing HD on Netflix and Prime seems to only be getting 1080p :exploding_head:

Weird… Have you checked something that’s definitely UHD HDR like House of cards or The Grand Tour?

Check for TV firmware updates and Netflix/Prime app updates…

Don’t see much that can be done beyond that

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So further investigation shows that Netflix is labelled Dolby Vision for 4K HDR content…

And Amazon you have to scroll on the home screen to the specific 4K UHD section…

Nothing like hiding this great new tech!

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It usually has it’s own sections on Prime as for Netflix some of the originals are 4K but a mass majority are just HDR if it’s not showing make sure the settings on the TV is set if you playing through other devices if it’s using the own TV apps try updating them and then try again usually does the job but in most cases it should just work out of the box.

Yes, for webos TVs in Netflix, you’ll see Dolby Vision for content that supports it, however there will be content that supports only standard HDR and for that you’ll still see the HDR label.

Dolby Vision is an “advanced” format of her and not all hdr content is in Dolby vision. As an example, for house of cards you’ll probably see HDR instead of Dolby Vision as Netflix original series are not Dolby Vision capable


Found it! My those cats look B E A UTIFULLLL

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I’d assumed it was just me who couldn’t see uhd content on Amazon by default anymore. It used to just play the best version possible. Now I have to search uhd content.

Looking forward to the new series of the man in the high castle when I find time.

On my new LG TV I had to dive deep into the settings (literally scroll to the very bottom, and them to the very bottom of the next sub-menu) to enable HDR for each HDMI input. And it wasn’t even called ‘Enable HDR’, it had some weird generic sounding name and gave a warning it could result in a blank screen. Once I’d done that, I could see 4K Content.

On Netflix you can search for ‘4k’ and it’ll show you results. I also noticed a few days ago it was showing me a ‘4k Movies’ category on my home screen, though these things change practically daily. It does use a bunch of different titles and categorisations, some things say 4K, or 4K HDR, or Dolby Vision.

Amazon is a lot simpler, and things tend to look better on there if they are HDR. Most of their originals are for sure. They don’t seem to have a category but if you search for 4K lots comes up.

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On Amazon, scroll down to the Prime 4k Ultra HD TV category.


Such a long scroll :sob::sob::sob:

It is! I have no idea why Amazon changed it and try and hide it away.

Amazon seem to have made the 4k content a bit more prominent now.

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