Netflix UHD?

Surely “ the money heist “ should be UHD but only getting 1080?
Got a 80mb connection and lost in space is uhd but not money heist

Is it uhd for you guys ?

You need the highest tier plan for UHD I believe. The standard plan only goes up to 1080p.

Edit: well if one show is in UHD this means you have the right plan and the other one just isn’t available in UHD probably because it wasn’t released in UHD to begin with.


The Money Heist was filmed in 4K, and I presume released in 4K to begin with. It’s actually an issue that’s been reported multiple times in the past on numerous social media sources. Here’s one example


Yep we do have a uhd account.
Some buggers keep hacking the account and changing the Audio to Arabic :japanese_goblin:

You might want to change your Netflix password and enable 2FA on your email


Netflix has 2FA?!!! :exploding_head:

Emphasis mine

I don’t think Netflix has 2FA but changing the password and then securing the email should keep all evil-doers out

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Report it to Netflix if you believe you’re not getting the relevant quality. Does Netflix show that it’s supposed to be a 4K stream or not, if it doesn’t then nah you’re getting what you should be

How are you checking the quality? On a Windows machine? Is it a 4k screen?

It says the quality under the title on Netflix.

I get that, it sounded to me like it was only streaming at 1080p even though it’s available in 4k.

After some research it’s the same for everyone with the money heist

On my TV if you press info it says 1080p @ 1.8mbps

The UHD stuff says 3160 @16mbps or thereabouts

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You can also access a diagnosis mode on PC - pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D and it gives an overlay with a lot of information.

You can see bitrate and resolution in that mode.

I’d imagine there’s a way to access it in other devices too

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Netflix in the UK still has the bandwidth quality throttle on. Should have been lifted now, but apparently they are slowly returning it to normal.