Incredibly difficult to make payments that are above the £10k limit

I’m really disappointed that my ‘full monzo’ experience is proving so difficult. I’ve had the sale of a property wired to my monzo and had been assured I could then move the funds via bank transfer wherever I needed (to a savings account and to write down some mortgage). It is over 24 hours since my initial request and while the limit was temporarily raised to allow 1 transaction, the fact that I’d already made a smaller transaction was ignored, so I couldn’t make the full payment. I was told to contact again for the second transaction, which I did today at 8:30am. It’s now 10:10pm and I am being ignored on the chat.

Each time I want to do this, it takes several chat messages, a photo of me and my passport and several hours. If the standard limit were just raised from 10k to 25k, this would help enormously. This is what my limit on my old HSBC account is and it’s really frustrating that I can’t get the same level of service from Monzo.

I’m not sure I’d risk sending a large sum to monzo in the future, and if I can’t do that, I might as well just go back to using monzo as a secondary account.


Yeah you gotta be nuts to use Monzo for large payments and things like buying a home.

Very low £10k limit and can’t guarantee a response in the same week let alone the same day or hour for time sensitive transactions.

This and the depositing cash limit of just a £1000 every 180 days, are two key reasons not to have just a single current account.

:crossed_fingers: they review these soon, and put it a new system to pre-auth large amounts so you aren’t :pray: for Monzo to answer on the day.

They should be doing this better than legacies not becoming a new bottleneck.


Have you tried phoning if this is something you need sorting today?

Monster thread here on the subject and my experiences if you wanted to lend weight to my argument, there’s plenty of info here.

Unfortunately Monzo won’t do it over the phone if they need further ID.

Yep but they can look at his chat and escalate it if all that’s been provided today

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Worth a go!

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Has it ever been established why the limit is 10k? Is it regulatory? Is it Monzo being cautious?

HSBC has the same limit too online, more of you go into a branch.

My understanding is it’s down to the individual bank to choose said limit. They mostly do this to combat fraud.

In theory FPS allows you up to £250,000 in one transaction.

Would Mozo raise this for a standing order larger than 10k?

you’d have to ask for the limit raised every time the standing order was due out

also who has a standing order for that much?

If one has multiple standing orders to pay mortgage, and multiple domestic staff it can add up.

domestic staff? I’m sure this is an issue most customers face

Well that wouldn’t affect me personally, but paying my University fees would have.

You need to pay £10,000 on a standing order in the UK for uni fees?

Uni was in excess of £10,000 a term and housing was too.

£10,000 housing a term? Did you rent a palace?

Since its per term you wouldnt be using a standing order so just request the increase at the start of each term

This was in the US. Uni is incredibly expensive.

Some Unis cost in excess of $60,000 a year. Often you are forced your first two years to live in student halls.

ah ok, thats why i asked about the UK

The US might need different limits due to the system over there

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