iPhone Battery Replacement

Just dropped my 6S off for the battery replacement. Should have it back tomorrow.

Anyone else done it?

The battery had properly degraded on it. I wasn’t keen on keeping the throttling on either, so I turned that off. Battery health was showing as 80% but it felt more like 50% to me (compared to when I first had it).

My Pixel 2 XL is still going strong!

I need to do this. My 6S Plus needs open heart surgery.

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They didn’t do mine as it was running beta iOS and 89% capacity. Instead I’ve to consider how my addiction to my phone is causing my poor battery life :flushed:

Hahahaha. Brilliant. Buy an iPhone but told don’t use it

That’s not what they said (directly) they went through my usage and what apps were destroying my battery.

I’m more telling myself that I have a problem :laughing:

Screen time on iOS 12 is a real eye opener

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Reminds me of “You’re holding it wrong” :joy:


Mine goes from 80% to 30% then dies

I’m just going to order a new battery and have a go myself because O2 would have to send it off somewhere. Doesn’t look too complicated


My mate had his done. Dropped it off at Apple, came back 2 hours later and they’d broke his phone :sweat_smile:. So they charged him the £25 battery replacement fee while giving him a brand new iPhone 7 :ok_hand:t3:, best deal ever if you ask me!

Well they didn’t say they broke it. They said there was a “calibration issue” but my guess is that’s an excuse.


The battery menu in settings on my 6S says that my battery health is at 74%, I really need to get it done! I have seen that you can get batteries on Amazon, and I’m capable of replacing a battery - Replaced a few friends screens in the past…

But since it’s only £25 officially, I might just do that!

Just last year. I have to say, it made a world of difference for me. It’s like getting a new phone, but cheaper.

I didn’t realise that Apple were denying battery upgrades based on the percentage in the battery health settings. I was under the impression that they would simply replace the battery if you wanted a new battery. Is this not the case?

I wouldn’t respond kindly to being told how to use my phone if I had gone to the shop to ask for a battery replacement.

You can go ahead and still have it done for the correct fee. Currently £25 for affected handsets.

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I probably should have got my battery replaced before I got inquisitive…


Removing the old battery can be a bit of a pain (stuck down well), but it isn’t that hard following the iFixit guides.


Sounds more like the charging chip to me. When you plug it in what happens?

It goes up to 60% in a few minutes. It’s pretty useless to use for more than an hour unless it’s plugged in while using it but then the Battery really overheats. The screens also popped a bit so I’m sure it’s a battery problem. Just need it to last as long as possible :see_no_evil:

If the screen has popped then I’d advise you to not charge it. It could potentially explode. It’s unlikely, but possible. If you have to charge it, use the manufacturer’s charger and don’t leave it unattended.

A friend had the screen pop on her phone and took it to a repair shop. They changed the battery and afterwards explained that it was dangerous.

So get the battery changed as soon as you can, but you’re description sounds like you need a new chip as well (hopefully not).


Got it back yesterday and there’s definitely an improvement! Down to 60% after 5 hours on full brightness and with some media usage. Before the battery switch that’d be at less than 20% after that much.