Nationwide Start To Save - App states account does not exist!

Issue: Tried to transfer funds from Monzo current account (basic) to Nationwide Start To Save, but Monzo app states receiving account does not exist. It definitely does as I can deposit from Nationwide and Metro current accounts!

Details to reproduce: Try and do a FP from Monzo directly to the Nationwide Start To Save savings account
OS: Android
Device: Huawei P30 Pro
App Version: 3.76.0

Some Nationwide accounts only let you transfer in from 6am-11pm (I’ve had a similar issue when buying something and the seller had Nationwide and they told me this, not sure if it’s same for others)

Is that only from Monzo, as have just successfully performed transfer from Metro, 22:30?

I’m not sure, it’ll try to screenshot my error and email from the balloon shop as this is what I was just told apparently it closes?

It made me confused since banks are always open

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When did you open the Nationwide account out of curiosity? I opened a Nationwide savings account the other day and got the same message but tried it again 24hrs later and it worked fine.

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Only this afternoon. That’s why I initially thought it was too early to be recognised. Left it until 22:25 and it failed, so tried from Metro Bank a few minutes later and that was accepted.

I shall try again on Tuesday.

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Couldn’t find the email however on my transactions each time I tried to transfer to the account it’ll say declined until I got details for another bank. (23:47 was the time)
I did find a messenger message about it tho!

I also found a Reddit article about the same problem but the Reddit says it’s just monzo:

At what point in the process does it say it doesn’t exist?

It seems to accept my start to save sort code and account number on page 1 of the bank transfer process for me.

But unable to test further as I don’t want to click confirm on page 2 and transfer money at the moment.

When did you set the account up? I couldn’t transfer from my Monzo to STS account until the day after I set the account up and then it worked fine.

Update, folks.

Works fine this morning.

Thank you for all your thoughts

You were right :+1:


I’m dubious about this. I’ve got different nationwide accounts and been able to transfer outside those hours.

To be fair, some accounts’ balances may take longer to update.

That’s what I thought, I was only going off what I got told. But you’ll think it can receive them 24/7

The screenshot you posted earlier seems to relate to a card payment, perhaps to their credit card division?

If so, that’s a different scenario to a bank transfer. I don’t recall ever having any issues with sending or receiving 24/7 bank transfers involving Nationwide (apart from scheduled maintenance or unanticipated downtime).

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o99 What’s the meaning behind your name

Nothing, just a random internet name!

It was a actually bank transfer to the person who owned the shop as it was late night and he was going to personally deliver it the next morning.

I entered the details pressed confirm to send but it just said that and a few others on Reddit have complained about the same issue.

@Anon2827299 you look slightly familiar