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I am trying to change my current direct debit I have with the national lottery from my old bank to Monzo. The NL tells me to ‘contact the bank’ to get it established. Just how do I do that with Monzo? Any ideas? Thanks.

Monzo won’t be able to change a direct debit that is with your old bank. You’ll need to contact your old bank.

Either way, the advice you’ve been given doesn’t seem to be the best. You can edit your own direct debit details on the National Lottery website. A quick Google gives the below instructions:

This should be quicker and easier for you :sunglasses:

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Thanks! I’ll give that a go…

Just to correct the error above, this is a direct debit payment not a debit card. There’s no option to alter your bank details to a new one, what you have to do is cancel the direct debit using the cancel option on the website, this should tell you when the numbers are played up until and then you can set it up again with the new bank details from the date the numbers on the old mandate are played up to

Edit to include screenshot, not sure why they advise to contact your bank as they really can’t do much about it

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