Direct Debit payments

(Kieran McCann ) #1

I just saw the article @alexs posted about the new DD regulations and I triggered a memory about the actual payment itself. I’m pretty anal about having my bills all come of on the same day. (The 16th) in my case, I’m pretty sure I have mild OCD :joy:. There is a couple bills that come off that the end of the month that I could change by calling up but I’m curious to know if this can be done through your bank itself? Having an option to change the DD date itself would be super useful. :laughing:

(Gareth) #2

To do that would probably involve Monzo talking to each company, but maybe it’s possible…

(tom) #3

It’s not possible for Monzo to modify the payment date through the Direct Debit scheme, I’m afraid.

The originating company decides when to send the Direct Debit request. The best bet is for the customer to contact the company and ask them to change the date - most companies will normally oblige.

(Kieran McCann ) #4

Ah well it was worth a try.

Thanks Tom. :laughing: