Naming Payees

(Matthew) #1

Can you please add the feature to name payees on the ‘Payments’ tab? I currently have multiple accounts setup for the same payee name as required for the bank payment, however find it difficult to tell them apart unless I remember the account numbers.

For example this could be:

12-34-56 · 12345678 · Current Account

23-45-67 · 23456789 · Savings Account

(Kevyn) #2

The account is in a fluid preview phase - as in, its ending but not fully finished. The main app is basic and editing options will come when features are fleshed out later in the year. The focus right now is transferring 400,000 people to the current accounts.


When you enter the account name, add a note in brackets. That’s what I have done. Problem solved!

(MikeF) #4

That’s what I do too.


I much prefer ‘slush fund’, ‘coke and hookers’, ‘political donations for honours’ :wink:


It’s not even checked. You can put whatever you like.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #7

Indeed. Something scammers are all too aware of, and banks seem less than interested in changing

(Hugh) #8

It would be quite difficult to change the current system unfortunately. Some banks do have specific lists of companies with their respective account information which you can use to pay them without entering the information manually.

(Andy Hughes) #9

I recently sent some money to a friend and made a typo. Is it possible to change this for future payments and so it is correct in my feed?

(Marta) #10

I moved your post to this recently created thread. To answer your question - the name of the payee is irrelevant in context of successful bank transfer. In the future, yes, it will be available to edit payees a bit more, but right now it’s not possible.

(Matthew Wolffsohn) #11

Hi Kevyn,

Was “later in the year” the end of 2017, or are more of these QoL improvements scheduled for 2018? Simple stuff like mentioned here, naming, saving and renaming payees is a pretty basic feature which will be great once implemented.