Adding a reference/nickname for payees

I’ve sent money to two of my other bank accounts, problem being that they both have the same name under my contacts so I am having to manually re enter the details every time in order to ensure that I am sending money to the correct account - perhaps payee nicknames could be added?

The transfer interface is due for a major overhaul, and I believe this type of issue will be addressed. In the meantime, however, you can name your payees whatever you want. So, for instance, you could set the names for your two payees as:

  • Cathy - Bank 1
  • Cathy - Bank 2 Savings

Or something. The fact that the name on the account at the receiving bank isn’t Cathy - Bank 1 won’t matter. As long as the account number and sort code are correct, the funds will get there. Then for future transfers it’s easy to see which to reuse. This is what I’ve done.