Nicknames for accounts/payment references

I’ve come across this a lot now that I have kids and have to pay childcare fees. A lot of the government schemes require paying into an account which often has a rubbish name like NS&I TFC Account. This isn’t the easiest to spot when I’m scrolling through my list of payees so I often rename it to something else. The problem with this is I then get the name mismatch warning every time I try to make a payment.

The second, related, thing is where I need to pay into 1 account with 2 different references (I have twins). So for each payment I need to go to some notes app in my phone where I have the references stored, copy and paste them, then go into Monzo, select the payee and then paste the correct reference. Could we not have a dropdown menu of previously used references for each payee account and the option to add a nickname against each reference?

To summarise -

  • Nicknames for accounts
  • Nicknames/previously used references for payees

Noted! Should have searched more. I did search some topics but didn’t see anything covering the reference issue specifically.

Surprising then that this hasn’t been addressed as it seems to be quite a popular request and I would imagine not overly difficult to implement?

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Votes don’t really mean anything, there’s things with hundreds of votes that haven’t been implemented.

There’s 20 votes across those threads from years ago, so it’s not a popular request at all.

I think for an idea posted on here to make it to the app

  • Super awesome amazing idea that they hadn’t thought of that will make money
  • Something quite simple they were going to do anyway