Name order in bank transfers

Just sent a few quid to my Monzo via my legacy and went through fine.

In my transactions it has my name backwards ( first name last, and last name first )
So I contacted my bank and they said it does this for certain banks and it’s not a problem.

So is it a Monzo problem or not ?

It’s not any sort of problem, Monzo or otherwise. Just one of those things.



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From what I recall, a lot of places do this.

I imagine it’s because you are less likely to get a lot of transactions from a surname as opposed to a first name that might be super popular (John) and then it’s harder to spot the individual transactions.


The sending bank will decide how your name is presented. Some banks choose “First-name Surname”, some “Surname, First-name” and some even “SURNAME first-name”.

I think, at this stage, Monzo only shows what it’s been presented with. This might change in the future if/when Monzo allow us to create contacts that we can link accounts to.

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No offence but you’ve got far too much time on your hands :rofl:

I can’t think of anything worse that being stuck in a call centre queue just to ask why it’s forename surname VS surname forename. Then you’ve come on here to do the same again :see_no_evil:


If it’s important to someone, it’s important to someone :man_shrugging:


I understand G_Peter. Thanks :+1: :laughing:


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