Name on outgoing bank transfers

I’ve just sent a bank transfer to a Barclays account, as a test.

The transfer came through straight away, which is good. The reference was correct (“Test”). The source of the transfer was shown as “Stephen David Earl” which is unfortunate because it has been truncated. I assume there’s a field length limit somewhere.

Would it be possible to use the name printed on the card (“Stephen Early” in my case) as the name on outbound bank transfers rather than the full name? I would imagine that for most people this will be shorter, and is what they have indicated they want other people to see instead of their full name.


Speak to support in the app, I’ve literally just had this exact thing done this morning :slight_smile:

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Oh, ok! I will. But for the future,

  1. Would it be possible for this setting to default to the name printed on the card rather than the full name? I still think this will surprise fewer people.

  2. Can this setting be made a bit more visible? A read only field under “Bank account” in Settings would be good, with a prompt to chat with support to change it.


Yeah that’s what I questioned, my card has no middle name and neither does the app, so not sure where the middle name has been pulled from.

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I received the following reply from support:

Unfortunately, your full name will appear on Faster Payments for the moment. There was new KYC legislation released earlier this year that necessitates that a customer’s full legal name (as it appears on the document they used to pass the identity checking verification) is recored on faster payments (bank transfers). We are looking at a solution around this as we are aware that it is irksome for some of our customers.

One way around this in the short term is to send a passport or driving license that does not your middle name.


it is annoying when you may have 2 middle names and hyphenated surname etc and you end up with your first name coming through but your surname truncated to a couple of characters

Surely the surname is most important so banks could keep that in full and truncate the other names


Some banks put the surname first, presumably for this reason. I get “EARLY SD” from HSBC, for example.

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Yes. I have found surname first more often on foreign accounts on SEPA, SWIFT and SOFORT payments but not always the case on UK banks

In my case Barclays use “TURP S” however they do hold both my middle names on their records, so I’m confused as to why this legislation applies to Monzo and not to them?

Starling also hold my middle name but do not use them on Faster Payments?

I did ask in app support previously for the URL to the legislation in question which I was given, however I couldn’t personally find any section which quotes this new rule.


My wife’s first three names are so long that her last name usually doesn’t appear at all. :slight_smile:

The problem with that, of course, is that some cultures have the “family name” first. For my wife the 2nd of her 4 names would usually be considered the “family name equivalent” in her home culture, but she would be addressed as “Mrs 1st name” by those she’s not on a “first name basis” with. (Not sure how to express this properly …) This article gives a very short overview of some differences in naming across various cultures:

And, especially in Asia, it’s not that uncommon for someone to have only one name. No family name at all. I don’t know what those people do when the encounter web forms with different (required) fields for first and last name…

So, indicating which name is the “most important” one is more difficult than purely the sequence of names. (One might of course argue that none of this should matter for UK banking regs, as for UK legal matters your “last name” is just that: your last name, but it’s interesting nonetheless.)


I’m also intrigued by this. Nationwide and Starling both hold my full name but Starling simply displays my first and last name. Nationwide displays my last name then first name (which is frustrating to look at on my Monzo feed)!


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