Name Display on Cards

Here’s a short comment on the name display on Monzo cards.

Having more options on how someone’s name is displayed on their debit card may be relatively simple, and would make some people happy to have this choice - additionally, some card companies such as Amex offer a wide range of options.

Let’s take someone whose name is “Jonathan Paul Smith”…

As an early Monzo adopter his name might be on his first card as “Jon Smith” (preferred first name and surname)…

Recently opening a joint account there’s now the option of “Jon Smith” still, and now also full name including middle name, so “Jonathan Paul Smith” can be embossed on the card…

Additionally I would like to see the option for [first name][middle initial][surname] so “Jonathan P Smith”, or also [first initial][middle initial][surname] so “JP Smith”…

Seems like quite a minor point but it’s nice to give cardholders flexibility on this :grin:


Thought you could request this already?

You can request a reasonable version of your name printed via in-app chat.

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I was told there are only two options - the options I outlined above.

I requested a name change recently and they processed it. Asked if I wanted a new card with my shorter name on it but I said I’d wait until my current one expires (save the planet and all).

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How often does anyone look at a name on a card now?

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Sometimes you get asked for it on the phone, I just tell them whatever, the payment will go through anyway.

Some of my cards have no middle names, some have one or two initials, some have my first middle name (I have two). I can’t be bothered to check the card for what it actually says!

CS did this for me recently. Really quick and easy. When I originally signed up, there was no facility to enter a preferred name.

I’m really sorry about that, if you contact us on the in-app chat we should be able to get a card sent out with your preference of how to show your name!

What’s wrong with Daniel, apart from only your mother using it :wink:


All solved here… Fantastic customer service!