Onboarding - Card Name

When I signed up the app only gave me the option to select Full Legal Name or Preferred Name on my card. Neither of which really work for me. I wasn’t able to change it in the app, so I contacted customer services via Chat. Several hours later, no-one has even acknowledged receipt of the message! Very disappointing!

Also worried this is a bit timely as my card is probably been processed so not long to correct it!


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Support are swamped at the moment. It could take them a good 24+ hours to respond try emailing: hello@monzo.com and mark it as urgent or have a search for the phone number.

May I ask why neither name was acceptable? Surely your preferred name is what you want on your Monzo card/account?

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Hey @guffiek

We are really sorry about the wait times at the moment which are less than ideal :frowning:

If you give us a call on 0800 802 1281 we should be able to get this sorted really quickly for you :pray:

Preferred name is a short nickname and cannot be used for id purposes. Full legal name includes middle names which is too long which I don’t want on my cards.

Not necessarily. If your name were to be “Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson” I think you could have “Boris” as your preferred name, so your card would read “Boris Johnson”.

@HughWells, am I right in saying that’s how it works?


To use this example, the customer may have chosen “BoJo” to be the preferred name (‘a short nickname’) and that’s why it isn’t wanted on the card.

But the point is that they could use Boris if they wanted, omitting the middle names?

(In any event, my middle name isn’t on my card?)

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Fair enough…

All fixed thanks

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Oh no, we don’t want Boris Johnson as a Monzo customer…

Why ever not?

27 November

I think we’re broadly agreed, just approaching the issue from different directions; you from the direction of before customers have chosen their preferred name in order to get the card name they want, and me from the direction of someone who has picked a preferred name not realising it would be their card name.

I’ll admit, it’s been some time since I got my Monzo account, so I don’t know what the current flow is like. But possibly this entire issue would be solved with a parenthesis when asking: “Preferred name (we will use this on your card)”

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You don’t need to have middle names on your card. Mine isn’t.