Switching bank accounts


I am thinking of moving banks, based on poor customer service from Monzo. I have a current overdraft balance and personal loan with them, so what are the conditions of paying them back if I do decide to switch?


Open an account elsewhere. Get an overdraft. Transfer enough to Monzo to put you at £0.00. Then CASS.

Not sure about the loan part though.

You can still switch away, and if you’re unable to clear these prior to moving, one of our team will get in touch how to repay these once the account is closed.

Ideally, you’d discuss this with us before you move your account for an easier journey whilst you still have live chat.

Contact Monzo Chat and they help you with setting up a standing order to carry on paying your loan.

Just a heads up Monzo don’t really like reopening accounts based on another thread so maybe change your mobile and email before closing your account so your main email and phone number can be reused in the future

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