Can I appeal monzo closing my joint account for no given reason

Good morning I was very annoyed this morning to see that monzo have decided to close my joint account without a given reason we receive all our incoming payments into this account including our child benefit any help/advise would be greatly appreciated as I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with the online chat

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Nope. They can’t/won’t give a reason.

Have they closed it immediately or given you 60 days? Either way, you need a new bank. Try Starling.

Monzo can close your account for any reason with two months’ notice. This is in the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you opened your account. They don’t have to give you a specific reason.

If you’re account has been closed immediately, this will be because Monzo believe you have breached one of the specific exceptions for potentially dodgy activity. In this case, they either can’t tell you a reason, because this would constitute ‘tipping off’, or they won’t tell you because they don’t want people to learn how to work around their systems.

You can complain to Monzo - a formal complaint - and once you’ve exhausted the complaints process, you can go to the ombudsman.

However, for the ombudsman to rule in your favour, Monzo will have to have done something demonstrably wrong in terms of following their procedures. If your account has been closed with two months’ notice, the ombudsman will rule against you because of the clear terms and conditions.

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Unless the suspected dodgy stuff is happening on the JA

In addition to what has already been mentioned by people above… they don’t have to give you an account if they don’t want to.

You don’t have any right to have a Monzo account.


We just use the account to receive our wages and child benefit and to pay our bills like any normal person nothing at all “dodgy” with our banking we have been with monzo both personal and joint for a few years now and never had any problems until now I am also a premium customer but as suggested above “find another bank” I think that’s exactly what I will be doing if this is not resolved

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It isn’t going to be resolved. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to fight it, get another account opened and start moving things over.

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You only see one side of the situation. Clearly you’ve done something they don’t like and they don’t want you as a customer.

In the past people have assumed they’ve done “normal” things when in fact they’ve knowingly (or unknowingly) been sending money to people connected to dodgy things for example.

You will just have to move on I’m afraid. Account age, how much money you have, or if you pay for premium have no bearing if you break the terms and conditions.

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So the people connected to “dodgy” things include Vodafone, sky , my housing association council tax and morrisons if I am unaware of what constitutes as “dodgy” how would I know who/what I can and can’t pay I even switched my account from barclays and had nothing like this I’m both confused and annoyed .I’m sure it isn’t intentional but the way you worded your reply made me feel like a criminal when in fact probably like yourself I work hard and okay the law

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I gave you one example and you’re taking it personally, that’s not my problem.

I don’t know your financial situation, all I know from what you’ve said is that Monzo are closing your account. This will be because you’ve broken terms and conditions.

You’ll never be told what this is and nobody can force Monzo to give you an account.

I’m not sure what more you’re looking for, because as everyone has said you just need to move on.


OK wonder if my local shop will accept magic beans then

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You just need to switch banks. It’s very easy and will be done by the end of next week. No point wasting your time and energy with Monzo any more.

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Bit dramatic. You could have opened a Starling account by now.

For some reason I can’t get past the phone number stage of sign up its no big deal were moving back to barclays anyway 100% less hassle and no worries about the security of my account or access to my money

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Just to clarify, Barclays will have rules too. So do Natwest or Lloyds or anyone else.

They may/will all differ slightly but there will be rules. Those banks will shut accounts and not tell you why. That’s how banking works.

Have a think about where you spend your money, who transfers it to you, who you transfer it to, what you’re doing with it all. There might not be anything obvious but it’s worth having a second look. Then open a new account, move your money over and forget about Monzo.


Thank you for your reply I’ve checked over my transactions recently and I am absolutely puzzled what could have triggered monzo to decide they no longer want our business but there we go I guess I’ll just the thousands of others currently scratching their heads I am going to see what’s best for me

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Hi @Msawdon :wave:

As the Community members have already directed you to the next steps and have confirmed we’re unable to give any further helps for this over the Community, this Topic will now be closed.

You can reach out to our team by emailing us at if you wish to raise a complaint with our team.