Monzo closed my account without reason

Hi there,

Monzo closed my account and i dont understand why. I would like to re-open my account but it wont let me. This is really hard for me as this was my main account and I get paid soon and can’t open another account.


Sorry we cant help on the forum we are all customers like you , we have no details of your account , we don’t know how you have been using your account , the only people that can help you are Monzo staff , they are also under a legal obligation to prevent things like money laundering and miss use of bank accounts -or even protecting the account holder - you might like to read the following to give a possible explanation why its been closed


If there’s one thing I know, it’s that there’s always a reason.


What other banks have you tried and what reason did they give for not letting you open an account?

i can’t get to the branches to open an account at the moment due to corona

Try opening an account with Starling for the time being. I hold accounts with both Monzo and Starling and fingers crossed haven’t had an issue with either

Most banks allow online applications without having to go near a branch. I hope you find an alternative that suits you soon.

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I have to go with ID

Not with another online app based banking I mentioned, no branches needed

But they’ll never tell you…


You can open an account with another modern bank like Starling entirely online in minutes so you can do that while you get this sorted.

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if your still having truble getting an acc look at
monthly fee

Curious about why this was flagged. Is it bad to suggest a competitor when Monzo themselves decided they no longer want this customer’s business?

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Might have been the ‘modern bank’ part that upset them? :man_shrugging:

Hopefully some of the people who did flag it will kindly explain.

Yeah no idea why that was flagged… hope this is noted when it gets reviewed and whoever flagged it gets it noted

Someone taking exception to an implied criticism of Monzo would be my guess.

You might be able to unflag it yourself by editing it slightly.

To clarify, I didn’t mean Monzo wasn’t a modern bank, simply that Starling is another modern bank where they can open an account fully online (as opposed to a legacy bank which would involve paperwork and branch visits).

I believe that you can after 10 minutes but that then notifies all the people who flagged it. Then if just one of those people flag it again, it remains permanently flagged until a moderator takes a look.

I hate the flag system :sweat_smile: What’s wrong with people expressing their concerns instead of hiding anonymously behind flags.

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I read it in the way that it was intended, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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To avoid further resurrection of this ancient old thread, I’ve closed it. If there’s something new to say let’s do that in a new thread.