Stopped getting notifications


I have looked in the forum but can’t see anything about this so please accept my apologies if this is a well known issue. I haven’t received any notifications today for monzo bank current account debit card transactions. I usually do. I have checked within the Monzo bank Android app to make sure that notifications are still turned on, and within Android settings to make sure that notifications from the Monzo bank app have not become disabled.

Any ideas please?

(Justin I'Onn) #2

Do you have a Task Killer installed on your phone, and if so, is Monzo whitelisted?


Try to uninstall/reinstall the app and see if that works.


You could have a point there. The phone does have “battery optimisation” so I have whitelisted the Monzo Bank app in case that is killing it.

(Rika Raybould) #5

We’ve noticed that Xiaomi’s MIUI and a few related variants of Android unfortunately have issues with notifications. :disappointed: This is mostly out of our control and a known issue with those devices but there are several guides out there that will walk you through whitelisting an app on your particular version.

Be aware that there are multiple different steps that you may have to take before it works from both allowing the app to display notifications to whitelisting it from aggressive battery saving. You can use one of the feed item generation examples in the API Playground to generate notifications from us for testing if you need to. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks to all. I’ll see if whitelisting the app for battery optimisation restores my notifications.


That didn’t help. But I wonder if the Monzo app was already killed and so whitelisting achieved nothing. I’ll see what happens tomorrow.


Ok so I whitelisted both the BT Wi-Fi app and the Monzo Bank app. Today when I went out the BT app successfully connected to Wi-Fi networks without me having to kick it but in the same establishment I got no notification from the Monzo app. So I I’m a bit stuck for ideas. This did used to work on this same phone. It’s just suddenly stopped this week.


This is a Sony phone and it always used to work.

I’m wondering if I stopped getting notifications at the same time as I uninstalled the original Monzo app? Do I need to keep it as well as the newer Monzo Bank app?

(Peter Roberts) #10

For both the current account or the prepaid account you should now be using the original blue monzo app. I guess you were on the early access current account and you’re using the white Monzo Bank app ATM?


Ah that would be it then. Thanks.

(Peter Roberts) #12

Np, hope everything is sorted for you now. It might be a good idea if Monzo could somehow detect people still using the early access app and send them a notification making it clear they should move back


That sounds like a good idea but maybe I’m the only one who had the problem. I am getting notifications now. I just transferred myself £1 from another account to check it