My idea for a Promotional product - Monzo Bottle

Hi Guys,

This is my project for a Monzo branded water bottle that encapsulates the brand throughout. This was created for my university course and I’m putting it up here to get some feedback from the people who use monzo the most.

All feedback about if it actually feels like a monzo product or if its something personally you’d love to have if it came with a purchase of an account etc is good. Feedback from normal people is usually the best on gauging if I have succeeded in capturing the brand.



Hi, Welcome.

Firstly I changed the title so it’s clear this is your idea, not something Monzo offer. I’m not actually sure where this would stand on the community guidelines (paging @AlanDoe). Assuming it’s OK and Monzo don’t go after you for copyright and use of content/style then…

EDIT: Maybe they won’t, who knows :slight_smile:

Who is this aimed at? I mean I like Monzo but I’m almost certainly not going to buy a bank branded bottle, and I think these days we’re a long way away from “free Parker pen if you open an account today”. Curious to see if others might open an account for “Swag” (And I’m not going to go there, not at all, about the previous time “swag” was offered to Plustomers, no, not one bit…)


No worries i can take it down if need be

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It’s a university project, not a real thing. Could be considered concept or fan art, and this sort of use for this sort of project would come under fair use I believe.

One of the OU design tracks involves a project in similar scope to this, so will check with that faculty, but I do believe students are encouraged to pick an existing well known brand and design a product that embodies that brand. Though it’s possible the university might pre-select a shortlist of brands and idk if any permissions are involved, but I do believe this is usually ok in an academic context, so long as you’re not plagiarising.

This is also the sort of stuff employers usually want to see too.

As for the actual bottle that’s been designed, I think it’s really nice. Welcome to the community @tytb02!


It’s a great design and there’s certainly the Monzo “flavour” there so I’d say it counts as a successful project for the course.

My one feedback, your graphic with the text/boxes, green on orange is very tough to read!


Thanks very much, we were encouraged to chose brands that are purely digital and didn’t have any real physical products and I thought monzo would be a really interesting one too look at.


Thanks for the feedback! I will make sure to change that in the future

I’m pretty sure monzo already had a water bottle from chilly’s as it was up on their merchandise store with the monzo T-shirts etc. however, this closed a few years back.

Overall I like the design, just as others said the orange box with green text is hard to read.

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I think it’s a great design too, I wasn’t trying to flame in on them, just offer some guidance. I agree it’s a nice design but I’ve seen things like this before go wrong before…

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I think you’re a little too on the “zOMG is this allowed” side when it’s just a design for a course.

If they were selling them, then absolutely.


I don’t really care if they do it or not to be honest, it’s a nice design, not something I would like to see but others might. Good luck to them :slight_smile:


I think it looks really nice and slick.


Looks great!

I think when selling/showing a concept it helps to show it in some “real” situations too. Like having it on a table or someone drinking from it. This helps people visualise how it looks in the real world and how it fits in day-to-day life


Nice idea, and looks like a lot of effort has gone into this!

Here’s some real Monzo bottles in the wild (aka my kitchen!)

(These are staff exclusive swag - you can’t actually buy them!)


Cheers, Those are nice!

Will definitely do that! Cheers

The design is beautiful, lovely job!