Launching the Monzo Shop!

(Tristan Thomas) #1

It’s been a while coming, but @Sam and I have been working on this on the side :slight_smile:

(Rika Raybould) #4

Those are some very tempting T-shirts, the developer one is especially funny.

Unfortunately, I only wear plain RGB (but mostly red) T-shirts! :wink:

(Thomas Welton) #5

Sick, saved myself £19 by asking for a tshirt from the office this morning. Cheers buddy.

“All our branches are on github” :joy:

(Mark Edmonds) #6

Make sure you donate a few pound to Turn2us if thats the case, at least they won’t lose out :slight_smile:

Each item sold also makes a small profit, all of which we’ll donate to
charity. Based on an internal vote, we’ve chosen to support Turn2us, a national charity


Any plans for other kinds of merch, I can’t wear a Monzo t-shirt to work :grinning:

(Josh Bray) #8

You and me both :wink: still doesn’t stop me going to the shops in mine.

(Colin Robinson) #9

Ordered a couple - will get people talking at work on casual Fridays and also maybe out and about at weekends :slight_smile:

(Saveen) #10

Featured in Finextra:

I received dispatch confirmation from Rapanui this afternoon :monzo:

How about promoting these via social media eg. post a photo/selfie to enter a competition?

(Andy) #14

How about bigger sizes, as not everyone is wafer thin or average height so a xxl won’t fit I need a size up :frowning:

(Ben Green) #15

The Developer appears to be quite a popular design, at least amongst our community. Might be a good idea to also produce it as a hoodie.

Also, as Monzo is a mobile-only bank and (at least for me) I only carry a bank card, I don’t carry an actual wallet, even my loyalty cards are on an app on my phone. Perhaps phone cases with these designs on or new design?

(Saveen) #16

Hi Andrew,

T-shirts are produced and fulfilled by Rapanui. Below are the size charts from their website:

Men’s Size Chart

Women’s Size Chart

Re. additional sizes - it might be worth contacting them directly:


Yeah, I might need an XXXL based on those measurements.


What I don’t understand is why when my card has a solid M logo in the shop it looks like the clothing has a stripey M logo !?

(Alex Sherwood) #19

The clothing does have a stripey M logo…stripes look better once the logo’s blown up to a certain size (it’s less ‘blocky’) & make it less obvious that it’s a logo (though it’s still recognisable) :thumbsup:

(Colin Robinson) #20

My white tee shirt was recognised by an Apple Employee in their new store at Birmingham :grinning:

(Alex Sherwood) #21

(Alex Sherwood) #22

(Thomas Horne) #23

I’d love to see a nice Monzo card holder; such as a plastic Oyster style card holder. Would be nice to have a Monzo card wallet for my monzo card.

A premium leather version as well I think could make a nice addition to the store too.


I remember some years ago Coutt’s had lovely burgundy leather cheque guarantee card holders :slight_smile:

But I would pay for a Hot Coral leather wallet embosed with the Monzo logo :slight_smile:

(Thomas Horne) #25

Barclays used to do some really nice card holders back in the day; pretty much where I got the idea from.