Monzo Animation

(robmac) #1

Hey all,

I’ve been off in the German Alps taking a much needed break.

From my vantage point in the mountains, I watched the entire Monzo rebrand, and immediately had this idea I had to try out! It occurred to me that the new “Z” of Monzo could be derived from the “M” and whilst I know there’s absolutely no need for this - I came home just a couple of hours ago an knocked it up! Obviously didn’t pay too close attention to brand palette, etc. this is just for fun!

I’d love to explore more option for Monzo’s branding and, specifically, Motion Graphics moving forwards!

Is there an .eps of the Mondo “M”, by the way? I just image traced this from a PNG I found on the blog…!

(Tom ) #2

Nice work. Sharp. :+1::clap:

(Samuel Michael) #3

Stellar work @robmac! cant believe we missed that, what a lovely natural transition you have discovered! I’m a big fan of experimentation. I think It’s healthy to shift and play with our branded elements as much as possible, we really don’t consider anything to be truly set in stone just yet and things like this really help us designers look at things a little differently.

Another thing that is playing heavily on my mind at the moment is the coral colour of our card and how we move forward with it within our identity. The tricky thing with this colour (Pantone 805c) is the fact you can’t do it justice on screen - it’s kind of special that way. Though, through more experimentation i’m sure we will hit something that works. Will be interesting to see how we handle it in the end.

With regards to a vector version of our logo, you can find this within our press kit here:

Thanks for taking the time to do this! Just a thought but this makes me thinking we should hold a creative workshop of some sort at Monzo and really push the boat out on all of this awesomeness, would that be something you’d be interested in being involved with? Or is that a silly idea? :blush:


(robmac) #5

No problem @Sam! I’d definitely be up for being involved, in whatever way I can :blush:

( #6

Nicely done. Really like it.

(Peter ) #7

Really nice stuff @robmac!

Like a creative hackathon, @Sam? That would be a cool thing to do with the brand

(Andrew Downing) #8

This is very cool! Looks like it would be perfect for any loading screen etc

(Rika Raybould) #9

If there’s even a loading screen that would be long enough for that animation to play out! For the most part, the app is so fast to load anything that the M would barely start to turn before the task is done. It could definitely work as a one off animation during some kind of onboarding process though.

My one piece of constructive criticism for @robmac is that you may want to consider how you might be able to do the same thing without that unnatural rotating cut in the middle. I’ve always personally thought of the :mondo: as one continuous strip of origami paper that’s been folded in to an M.

Inspired, I grabbed some random supplies laying around my bedroom and built a real life proof of concept. (Warning: I am not a papercraft expert or an artist!)

Starting from a terribly folded “idle”.

Unfolding that middle fold.

Hey, it makes an N. Figure out how to get two Os and you could make the entire name with this.

Rotated to make the Z.

All from this double sided strip.

After making this one, I have a few improvements to it. Namely that the middle fold should go behind and up to make the transition cleaner, meaning that the red leg would kick up rather than the yellow coming down. This would help make the transition of the cut between green and yellow more convincing too.

(Saveen) #10

Today I realised you weren’t speaking metaphorically. Nice work @Sam! :sailboat:

(robmac) #11

Nice concept, Richard!